The Art of Warfare: Mass Email Edition

If you’re a delegate or alternate to the Georgia Republican Party Convention tomorrow in Disgusta Augusta, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the amount of useless emails regarding the National Committeewoman election. Well, folks, we got a show with some fireworks yesterday.

As all petty, useless, egotistical, shameful, deplorable, and idiotic Georgia Republican Party drama starts, Debbie Dooley sent out a mass email. I’ll be completely honest with you, dear reader: I don’t care to know what she said about Maria Strollo Zack; I’m clueless. Whatever she said, though, it was enough for a man named Dr. Bill Hudson of the Conservative Leadership Coalition to send out an email to all delegates/alternates complaining about Debbie’s attacks on Maria Strollo Zack. Here’s a snippet of the email:

Debbie Dooley has been casting aspersions and falsehoods about many good GOP activists including Maria Zack. Enough is enough. Maria has been assisting conservative organizations, including ours, at the capitol, when we needed her guidance. She received no compensation for her services to us.

Meanwhile, Debbie has been depicting herself as a grassroots volunteer trying to do the right things for our state and country while prostituting her “principles” to the highest bidder.

Some examples include:

  1. Taking money (along with others from Tea Party Patriots from Univision not to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. (What would Donald Trump think of this?)
  2. Taking money from solar companies to convince the PSC that public utilities must buy a certain percentage of power from solar companies. (Free market policies dictate that we should purchase from the most cost effective suppliers and not pick winners and losers.)
  3. Pushing the telephone tax which many GOP activists and Maria helped us to defeat.


The email proceeded to attack 7th District GOP Chairman Jason Thompson and former Atlanta Tea Party leader Julianne Thompson.

What Debbie did in bragging about cutting the deal with the Jason and Julianne Thompson in the 7th on the delegate slate (two of which were establishment and one toDebbie) weeks before many even attended their interviews then falsely accusing Cruz people of taking over the 7th to cover their tracks was deceptive and despicable.

I’ll go ahead and interject here that I was at the 7th District GOP Convention. I witnessed the announcement of the slate and the challenge to Debbie Dooley. To Jason’s credit, I was also informed during the break before voting on Debbie’s delegate slot that Jason had removed his name from consideration.

Then, another mass email was sent out, this time from Jason Thompson. His email contained responses from himself, the nominating committee chairman, and the convention chairman. Here’s a snippet of Jason’s email:

1. Our Nominating Committee was chaired by Brandon Doty; Scott Haggard and Ben Satterfield rounded out the committee – all men above reproach. I took a completely hands-off approach to process other than to send out our “Call” which required a political resume, letters of recommendation from elected officials, and an interview. The fact is that we could have had a contested convention, and in preparation thereto, a fair process was sought above all else.

2. Mrs. Strollo Zack began calling me weeks before the convention lobbying for herself to be a delegate. I told her I was not part of the selection process and didn’t think it was proper to contact the Nominating Committee before the process began.

3. At the time, Mrs. Strollo Zack was running a pro-Cruz superpac. It was widely felt that it was a conflict of interest to select a delegate who ran any Presidential candidate’s superpac, because we wanted to avoid the very appearance of impropriety and did not want to break any campaign laws.

This weekend will be entertaining.


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