Pete Gibbons For Senate?

Bill Jackson announced this week that he’ll be retiring from the Senate. This will end a decade of his service to the upper chamber after having served 16 years in the State House. Thus far I’m not aware of any announced candidates to replace him.

One of our regular commenters is the Mayor of Bowman Georgia, Pete Gibbons. Y’all may remember Pete from that other place as he decided to re-name his town “Coca Cola City” on April 1st of last year. In the time I’ve known him, virtually every conversation has been about how he can best help his town and county to preserve and grow its jobs base while retaining the character of the area he loves.

I get to meet a lot of people because of my role here. Many are shamelessly ambitious. A few seem to be in this to put others above themselves. Pete has always struck me as one of the latter.

These, often, are the people that have energy but lack the resources to mount campaigns beyond the locals where they already know their neighbors. I know Pete has the energy to serve in a higher office, and he seems to have his priorities straight. Finances are likely the only thing to hold him back from being considered a, if not “the”, top contender for this race.

Pete is making phone calls to gage support. If you fine folks would like more people like Pete to serve in public office and, specifically, in the state legislature, then you may want to drop him a note too. If/when he files for a candidacy, you may wish to consider a check as well.

Hopefully my support will not detract from his campaign, as I’m sure there are folks that don’t usually agree with me that would like him too. Talk to him, hear him out, and then decide for yourself.

I, for one, want more people like him in politics, and at my state capitol.


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