Georgia Republicans: Say No To Discrimination

With all the bickering about RFRA/FADA/PPA, I think we should highlight a group that is slightly outside the norm. That group is called Georgia Republicans for the Future. It’s an interesting group to say the least. The group is not the chamber type nor is the group the evangelical type. It’s mostly young, conservative Georgians seeking to influence the debate on Religious Freedom.

First, it’s important to note Georgia Republicans for the Future doesn’t oppose Religious Freedom. In fact, the group understands the importance of protecting religious Georgians; however, the group opposes religious discrimination as much as they oppose any other form of discrimination. In a debate consumed by “I’m discriminated against” vs “No, I’m discriminated against,”Georgia Republicans for the Future opposes all forms of discrimination.

No, it is not a LGBT organization similar to the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans. Georgia Republicans for the Future is focused solely on preventing discrimination. They highlight statistics such as 59% of Republicans say there should be laws banning discrimination against the LGBT community and 79% of Republican millennials say there should be laws banning discrimination against the LGBT community.

I’ve spent upwards of five years explaining why the Republican Party as a whole, although specifically the Georgia Republican Party, should listen to Millennials. The 2016 election will be unlike any we’ve seen, not because of Trump, but because Millennials will comprise approximately 20% of the votes. Spoiler Alert: The majority of that 20% will be for the Democratic nominee.

By all means, Georgia Republicans for the Future wants to protect Christians and their rights, but the organization also has an eye on the next 10, 20, and 30 years. It’s important we all keep an eye on the future. Discrimination of any kind, whether it be against Christians or LGBT Americans is wrong. Georgia Republicans for the Future recognizes that.


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