House Majority Whip Matt Ramsey Not Running For Re-election

House Majority Whip Matt Ramsey (R-Peachtree City) will not be running for re-election. Ramsey had been considered a possible front runner to replace Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, but decided not to enter that race. Instead, he’s decided (as many others are this cycle) that the difficulty of running a business and being a citizen legislator are often not compatible.

This will open up not only a Fayette County House Seat, but a spot in leadership as well. You may speculate on who will enter either race in the comments. Rep. Ramsey’s press release is as follows:

“For the past 9 years I have had the incredible honor of representing
my family, friends and neighbors in the Georgia House of
Representatives. It is with a grateful heart that I am announcing
after lengthy consultation with my family, friends and business
partners that I have decided not to seek reelection this year. My
family has been incredibly supportive during my time in public office.
However, with my children in the midst of their most formative years
and my wife’s professional responsibilities increasing, the time is
right to step away from public office and devote my full attention to
supporting them. In addition, largely due to the unwavering support
of my colleagues at work, I have managed to spend the last 9 years
with my professional focus divided between my law practice and my
duties as an elected official. Given the growing nature of our
practice, I need to spend the years ahead with my full professional
focus on our business.

I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to work on
matters of importance to our community. I was born and raised in
Fayette County and it is where I have chosen to raise my own children.
It is also home to the most kind and decent people I have ever known.
I am very humbled and fortunate to have been able to represent such a
fine community for nearly a decade, and will be forever grateful to
the voters that gave me the opportunity to serve. I have worked hard
to advance issues of importance to our community and represent the
values of its citizens. I am proud of the causes I have advanced and
remain grateful to have had the opportunity to serve alongside
incredible men and women in the Georgia House of Representatives. I
am not closing the door on considering future opportunities in public
office, but for now I look forward to finding new and different
avenues to serve the community in my private capacity.”

Two years ago Fayette County had the Senate Majority Leader and House Whip in its legislative ranks. Chance retired at the end of 2014. Ramsey will be leaving after 2016. And with their retirements a lot of clout for South Metro Atlanta will have exited the building.

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