Three Georgia Legislators Get Perfect Scores in American Conservative Union 2015 Rankings

The American Conservative Union is out with its annual ranking of the Georgia legislature for the 2015 session. The organization looked at 14 Senate votes and ten House votes, giving points to legislators who voted the way the ACU prefers. A vote for HB 170, the Transportation Funding Act, whether in the House or in the Senate didn’t get any points. Votes in favor of the Opportunity School District (SR 287), fireworks sales (HB 110) or direct sales by small breweries (SB 63) were supported by the American Conservative Union, But, a legislator got no credit for supporting tax subsidies for Mercedes Benz (HB 202) or Savannah redevelopment (HB 308).

In the Senate, the average score was 59% overall, with Republicans at 68% and Democrats at 40%. Getting top scores were Hunter Hill of Atlanta and Josh McKoon of Columbus, both with perfect scores, Marty Harbin of Tyrone (93%), and Lindsey Tippins of Marietta with 91%.

The House fell short of the Senate in the eyes of the ACU. The overall average score was only 44%, with Republican members averaging 51% and Democratic members averaging 32%. Woodstock’s Michael Caldwell earned a perfect score of 100%, while Heath Clark of Warner Robins, Steve Tarvin of Chickamauga and Scot Turner of Holly Springs each scored 90%.

As with all such scorecards, you should consider whether the issues the American Conservative Union picked are the issues you felt were the most important during the last session, and whether you agreed with the positions the ACU took on those issues. You can see the complete list of issues and how your representative and senator ranked below.

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