Author: Ron Daniels

New election ordered for HD 28

Alternative Title: Election’HD28 II: Electric Boogaloo Yesterday evening, Senior Judge David Sweat found there was enough evidence to warrant a new election for House District 28 based on voting irregularities in last May’s primary election in Habersham County. In the primary, incumbent Representative Dan Gasaway was defeated by Chris Erwin by a total of 67

Morning Reads – August 29, 2018

Around the State: You got to really love a toll-road to pay $15.50 (or more) to use it. An Atlanta drug prosecutor is arrested in Dooly County, Georgia for allegedly speeding and having two marijuana blunts. Most media outlets are describing Dooly County as “south of Atlanta.” Geographically this is a true statement, Dooly County

Morning Reads – Wednesday August 22, 2018

Hey. I’m not Ed. Maybe you remember me. Maybe you don’t. Don’t everyone welcome me back all at once. Around the State this morning: A lawsuit has been filed alleging a Buford school superintendent made racially charged threats. There appears to be some dispute about whether the recording is real. Over a dozen stores and