Morning Reads – August 29, 2018

Around the State:

You got to really love a toll-road to pay $15.50 (or more) to use it.

An Atlanta drug prosecutor is arrested in Dooly County, Georgia for allegedly speeding and having two marijuana blunts. Most media outlets are describing Dooly County as “south of Atlanta.” Geographically this is a true statement, Dooly County is south of Atlanta, Macon, Warner Robins, and Perry. The birthplace of Governor Busbee and the resting place of Senator Walter F. George and I suspect most reporters wouldn’t be able to find it on a map without looking real hard.

Maybe you think someone shouldn’t be arrested for allegedly having two marijuana blunts. There will be a livestream this afternoon that might catch your attention.

On Saturday you can point, laugh, and wave at a bunch of nerds in downtown Atlanta. No, I am not talking about the Tech game. I said “bunch,” not “a group of twelve people.”

Abrams addresses an overflow crowd at Valdosta State University hitting much of the same notes she has hit in other campaign stops.

Kemp clarifies he wouldn’t sign a religious liberty law that deviated from the federal law put on the books during the Clinton years.

You know how much gas you can buy for $200,000?

West Nile Virus present in three South Georgia counties.

A pool house, a county commissioner, and allegations of abuse of power and undue influence. This is the introduction to “Midnight in the Pool of Spite and Enjoyment.”

In case you missed it:

Make Classrooms Great Again.

That State to the South which is really a Northern State:

We may have had a messy primary in Georgia but they had SLIME. It’s a lake of slime! Here is a video of my reaction to this news story.

Oh, they also nominated two candidates who will be duking it out in November. Polar opposites.


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