Mid-Morning Reads for Not Par 3 Day

Happy Wednesday! It’s the first full week of April, so y’all all know there’s this little ol’ tournamint happening over in my hometown. Today is Wednesday, which is traditionally the Par 3 Contest, but not today. That was well worth documenting in today’s Reads, but here’s to hoping for its return next year.

Today is one of three that is celebrated as National Metric Day, so I must mention it. On this day in 1795, the National Convention of France declared “the new ‘Republican Measures’ to be legal measures in France. The units of measurement included the metre, are, litre, and gram; and the prefixes centi, deci, deca, hecto, and kilo.” This is almost exactly what became the modern International System of Units. Like we’re finally pushing toward ending Daylight Savings Time, it’s well past time to shift from Customary Units to Metric Units in the U.S. And yes, I will die on this hill, but not today.

Let’s get me off my soapbox and on to the news, shall we?

Pat Conroy

  • Atlanta faith leaders will meet with the heads of Coca-Cola, Delta, Southern Company, the Home Depot, UPS, and others next Tuesday about the companies’ responses to Georgia’s new voting law.
  • Last night, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued an executive order “to mitigate the impact” of the new voting law.
  • Governor Kemp has been on Fox News many times in the last few days about the MLB moving the All-Star game “out of Atlanta,” and one of his points is that the city is “half-black,” and therefore the MLB is really the one hurting African-Americans.
    • But, point of order: The Braves already moved out of Atlanta, and where was he on that? Oh, I see.
    • Their stadium is in Cobb County, where African-Americans make up 28% of the population (still a higher share of the population than in Denver, but notably less than half).
    • Further, there have been plenty of observations in the past couple of years about the effect of this move.
  • To ensure we Georgians keep our freedumbs, Governor Kemp will not support “vaccine passports.”
  • Meanwhile, this lady is unfortunate proof that getting vaccinated isn’t the be all end all for going back to normal activities.
  • The Georgia Recorder takes an early look at redistricting.

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor


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