Morning Reads for National Farm Workers Awareness Week (March 31)

And again, I’m choosing a week and not a day, but I live in the middle of the state and farming is vital in this neck of the woods. There’s a drive for long sleeved shirts for farm workers on the week’s official page, in which you can buy one shirt for $1, which helps mitigate workers’ exposure to pesticides and protects them from heat-related illnesses. Relatedly, it’s also César Chávez Day, which honors the founder of the National Farmers Union and his work in the area of labor rights for migrant workers.

Finally, of note, it’s World Backup Day, which I would link to, but the site is apparently down. The digital archivist here wants to put out her periodic reminder that putting things on a jump drive is not a good storage method, and “just digitizing it” does not save things forever. (I will die on these hills.) Make sure today to move things off of jump drives, and make copies of things that are only stored in one place. Oh, and Google Drive isn’t a longterm solution in and of itself, either. It’s PART of my personal solution, but would never be all of it. Just remember LOCKSS: Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe. And if you have questions, ask away and I’ll give you my best answer.

Let’s get me off my soapbox and onto the news, shall we?

Pat Conroy

Alice Walker

  • President Biden will unveil a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal today.
  • In case you’ve been under a rock, Derek Chauvin’s trial over the death of George Floyd is happening this week.
  • Pfizer says its vaccine should be safe for ages 12-15.
  • Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is under fire for an allegedly improper relationship with a 17 year-old.
  • Two Capitol Police officers have sued former President Donald Trump over his role in the January 6th insurrection.
  • G. Gordon Liddy, the Watergate mastermind, has died at the age of 90.
  • The large container ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal has suffered damage to its underside, but not enough to take it out of service.
  • The EU’s medicines regulator has not yet identified any risk factors for blood clots with the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.
  • Italy has arrested a navy captain for spying and expelled two Russian diplomats.
  • Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is facing more resignations amid a major shakeup in his cabinet and fears he was trying to assert greater control over the military.
  • India’s farmers are still protesting the new laws that they believe will severely inhibit their ability to make a living in New Delhi. This is month five, and it’s one of the largest protests in India’s history.
  • A coup attempt has been foiled in Niger.

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