Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 19

Good morning! Today is the last day of the Trump presidency.

  • Here are the results of the final poll of the Trump presidency. Major takeaways: While 43% of Americans give Trump a positive approval rating, most Republicans think he’s still pretty great, and only 21% of Republicans polled believe Joe Biden legitimately won the presidential election.
  • Meanwhile, it is yet to be clear how the Georgia GOP will move forward and prepare for 2022.
  • Yesterday was MLK day. Here is how many in Georgia carried out their remembrance of King’s legacy without large in-person gatherings.
  • The Proud Boys and other white nationalist groups used a Christian fundraising site to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund their journeys to the Stop The Steal rally last week.
  • You can see the results of some of that fundraising in this raw footage that one reporter shot at the Capitol siege last week.
  • The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is setting up a regional office in Brunswick.
  • Looking for a COVID vaccine? You’re in luck! There’s a new, easy to navigate website that tells you exactly who is eligible, and exactly what they need to do to get the vaccine. Except it’s not from the Department of Public Health – a Home Depot design exec created the very helpful Google Doc.
  • Popeye’s? Chick-fil-A? Can any chicken sandwich really dominate so long as they are made with white meat?

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