Kudzu Vine 1/3/2021 Review

Each week Kudzu Vine will be providing a review of their radio show. The following is the first installment.

On the first Kudzu Vine of the year, our special guest was Chuck Rocha.  Chuck joined us to discuss political messaging to Latino voters, Texas politics, and his thoughts on the Georgia Senate runoffs.  He also previewed his new political consulting firm that he and his partner Kara Turrentine are launching tomorrow.

Prior to the interview, Catherine, Tim and David discussed what has led to January 6th, what might happen that day, and what the political ramifications might be. We also previews the Trump rally at the Dalton airport and why he keeping hold rallies near state borders and not in Metro Atlanta where the most votes are. We also, discussed audio of the phone call between Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

After the interview we discussed Tuesday’s US Senate runoffs. We discuss both recent polls and turnout models that have been posted online. We also looked at media strategies of the campaigns. Finally, near the end of the show, Tim, Catherine and David made predictions about the two contests. Not everyone agreed, but you can listen to the show to find out who picked which outcomes.

Listen to the show here:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/kudzu/2021/01/04/chuck-rocha

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