Rev. Warnock Speaks in Front of Signs Calling to Abolish I.C.E. and Imagining No Borders

We have been provided a link to a photo on the Ebenezer Baptist’s website – – that shows Rev. Raphael Warnock in front of signs that state “Abolish I.C.E.” and “Imagine the Earth Without Borders.” A color corrected version of a screenshot is shown below in case the original is removed.

Rev. Warnock said in a debate with Sen. Kelly Loeffler that he was not in support of defunding the police, but this photo raises some questions, even for pro-immigration supporters like myself, about his stance on an important governmental agency that handles illegal immigration and issues at our borders.

There is also the issue of a country (and world) without borders. Again, legal immigration is one thing, but the logistics of a completely open border in the United States would be impossible.


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