Morning Reads for Monday, December 14, 2020

You are getting a midmorning read because I was face-timing with my little sister who is celebrating her 31st birthday, Covid-style, on a military base in Germany. Like a lot of folks, they are in quarantine because of exposure. 3 kids who can’t go to school, canceled plans, and a leveling of expectations.

There is a lot of freedom here in the States as to what we choose to do with Covid. We can choose stores to patronize based on mask requirements, we can choose to abide by quarantine recommendations, we can live life in relative “normalcy”. We don’t have it bad, y’all. We have personal responsibility and relative freedom.

The next time you are prone to lament our current state of affairs, take a moment to remember the men and women who are serving this country, on foreign soil, who are living by the strictest of rules without the comforts of home or physical support of family. These men and women are serving in an effort to protect and preserve the freedoms we are currently enjoying, with no actual freedom of their own. And they do what is required out of duty to country and their fellow Americans.

The mental health aspect of this virus is very real. I would challenge you to check in on folks, remember those who are alone, take a moment to send a text or make call. And as disappointing and as different as this season of life has been and might continue to be, we aren’t the only ones and it could always be worse.


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