Morning Reads for The Morning After (November 4)

Good morning! Or is it?

In the long list of things I never, ever thought I would have to say, but 2020 changed it, here it goes – and I am absolutely saying this in a stern Mom voice:

Votes are still being counted, and there is no declared winner. We count all of the legally received votes according to each state’s deadline.

National results, in case you are under a rock last night, can be found here, while state results are here.

There is, believe it or not, other news, so let us get to it.

Pat Conroy

  • Fulton County had a pipe burst in the room where absentee ballots were stored. Thankfully, no ballots were damaged. (Alternate link.)
  • The Georgia delegation in Congress has more women members than ever before. (Alternate link.)
  • In the Brunswick judicial circuit, Keith Higgins has ousted Jackie Johnson as district attorney, largely due to her mishandling of the Ahmaud Arbery investigation.
  • This is a sweet article about some of the UGA football team voting for the first time.

Alice Walker

  • Californians voted to exempt Lyft and Uber drivers from the state’s labor law, sending shares significantly upward after the result was announced.
  • The Supreme Court will hear arguments between Catholic Social Services and the City of Philadelphia today on whether CSS must abide by the city’s LGBTQ nondiscrimination policies.
  • College newspapers are becoming the sole source for reporting on campus COVID outbreaks as local news sources close or downsize. (Alternative link.)
  • In case you were wondering, D.C. had a tense (but peaceful) night.

Flannery O’Connor

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