Morning Reads for Separation of Church and State Day (October 28)

Good morning! It’s Separation of Church and State Day, which commemorates the 1963 Supreme Court decision in Abington School District v. Schempp, the law that declared that school-sponsored Bible readings were unconstitutional.

It’s also National Chocolate Day, and yes, I’m well aware I buried the lede. Thrillist has a list of free and cheap chocolate deals, and some (incorrect) soul has tried to rank chocolate candy in honor of the day. Plain M&Ms are on the list, though, and they’re an abomination.

Oh, hey, did you know it’s only 6 days until the election? Well, if not, someone will text you shortly to remind you, so let’s get to the news!

Pat Conroy

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor

  • A man in the Bronx fell into a 12-foot sink hole while waiting for a bus.

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