Huh: Sen. Loeffler Proudly Accepts Endorsement of Marjorie Taylor Greene

**Insert a confused meme/GIF of your choice**

We know that Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to be the next Congresswoman from GA-14 and that she will be elected as a Republican. We also know that her words and actions will continue to be fodder for talk shows, the media, and memes over the next two years (and hopefully, just the next two years). Thus, I was a little surprised that Sen. Kelly Loeffler is “proud to be endorsed” by her. I guess a follow up endorsement by the Brant Frost Family Consortium wouldn’t be too surprising at this point.

It was my sincere hope that Sen. Loeffler was going to distance herself from Marjorie Taylor Greene, like many other officials have done, but instead she has doubled up by comparing herself to Marjorie Taylor Greene:

“I’m proud to be endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene in my race for U.S. Senate. Like Marjorie, I’m a political outsider and conservative businesswoman—not a career politician. As the most conservative U.S. Senator with a 100 percent Trump voting record, I’ve fought to protect innocent life, our God-given 2nd Amendment rights, our borders and our religious liberties. And just like Marjorie, I’ve taken on the radical Left, cancel culture, and Fake News media—and won. Our campaign has tremendous momentum, and I look forward to continuing to shake up the status quo in Washington and delivering results for hardworking Georgians.”

Greene shared her reasoning for supporting Sen. Loeffler:

“Over the last ten months, Kelly Loeffler has proven she is a conservative fighter by introducing and voting for legislation to end Antifa/BLM violence, Back the Blue, fighting for the unborn, protecting our Second Amendment, keeping biological men out of women’s sports, and holding China accountable. As the most conservative Senator in Washington, she has sponsored legislation and fought for the key issues I care about and will be fighting for as the first Congresswoman for Northwest Georgia. That’s why I’m excited to endorse my friend Kelly Loeffler for U.S. Senate, and will be voting for her in the November 3rd election!”


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