Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 22

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed the 21st night of September.

  • Air quality studies indicate that since the Sterigenics plant in Cobb County reopened following the explicit request of the Governor, levels of ethylene oxide are at least as high – and in some cases higher – than they were prior to the County forcing the medical sterilization plant to close last year.
  • When I heard this story on Marketplace, and they were talking about issues with the unemployment system in California, I thought, “Hoooooo, it’s not just California, folks!” And no, it isn’t. These problems, delays, and SNAFUs with UI are pervasive — and they are far and away the most frustrating issue I have ever tried to assist constituents with in my 13 years in elected office.
  • Pine-Sol is approved to kill the COVID-19 virus on hard surfaces: all the more reason your house should smell like a Carolina pine forest.
  • Theoretically, senior care centers can open for visitors. Practically, however, they first have to meet a pretty high bar.
  • More disturbing evidence indicting lethal injections.
  • High tides are submerging Tybee Island’s beaches and flooding parts of Highway 80.
  • This article is from July, but I am sharing in case you are also fascinated with how sound engineers apply crowd sounds at crowd-less sporting events.

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