Four More Statewide Officials Endorse Sen. Loeffler

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan, Attorney General Chris Carr, Insurance Commissioner John King, and Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols joined Governor Brian Kemp in lending their endorsement for Senator Kelly Loeffler’s campaign to remain United States Senator.

Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan: “I’m proud to be on the campaign trail today with Senator Loeffler, and proud of the hard work she’s been putting forward up there in DC. We here in Georgia have our conservative values. And we’re proud to have those represented up there in Washington, DC. Pro-life is something that I care about, that you care about, and Senator Loeffler cares about. Our Second Amendment, our agriculture industry, and so many other important topics. We’re really, really proud of the work you’re doing.”

Attorney General Chris Carr: “I am proud to be with Senator Loeffler. Senator Loeffler is a conservative who has delivered. In the eight months she has been in the senate, she has accomplished more than many senators do in a term, or even in a lifetime. She makes us proud, and she’s going to continue to make us proud for a long, long time.”

Insurance Commissioner John King: “Why do I support Kelly Loeffler? She backs the police. She is a staunch supporter of law enforcement, and she says what she means.”

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols: “Our senator is out there promoting Georgia – and all the things that we’re doing in economic development, from reliability to energy. But she cares about so many other things: the pro-life movement, stopping human trafficking. These things are so important to me, and I’m really glad to be traveling with her.”

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