Morning Reads For Monday August 24th

Good morning. I’m filling in for Theresa this morning to bring you a few articles of note:

Georgia Covid update: 1800 new cases Sunday. 33 new deaths reported statewide in the last 24 hours. 83% of the state’s critical care beds are full. (Edit: Despite being on the CL-E’s front web page this morning, this article/data is a week old)

Northridge Medical Center in Commerce will close, the second Georgia hospital to shutter this year.

Tax revenues held in much stronger than expected for the year ending June 30th. Much of the rainy day fund remains, but the economic skies are cloudy.

There are people who walk among us that think the best foot Georgia Republicans can put forward at the National Convention is Vernon Jones.

Savannah parade celebrates 100 years of women’s suffrage.

Hall County is reopening libraries today.

The deathtrap of a construction project to fix the I-16 to I-75 interchange is halfway done.

You have the right to an attorney. If you want to appeal? You’re on your own.

Georgia film production slowly returning to normal.

Reality TV series shooting in Macon; Looking for “drive in” audience.

Plasma treatment for Covid-19 given emergency use authorization.

Those California blackouts? Don’t blame the wildfires. Sometimes, it’s because the state insists on using alternative energy as baseline power which freaks out the grid from time to time.

Current projections from the National Hurricane Center: Marco to arrive in Louisiana as a tropic storm today/tonight. Laura to arrive as a Hurricane overnight Wednesday into Thursday.

And, PSA, for those of you who haven’t noticed but may pretend to care, I’ve moved my weekly column to Tuesday mornings, at least for now.


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