GA House Debate Calendar – 6.15.20

The following have been set by the House Rules Committee to be debated by the House today, Monday, June 15, 2020:

SB 43 – Revenue Bonds; definition of the term “undertaking” as it relates to electric systems; revise (EU&T-Carpenter-4th) Payne-54th

SB 134 – Georgia Commission on the Holocaust; commission for administrative purposes; reassign (GAff-Silcox-52nd) Kirkpatrick-32nd

SB 188 – Reinsurance of Risks; adequate regulation of reinsurers; incorporation of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners reinsurance model into the Georgia Insurance Code; provide (Substitute)(Ins-Williams-148th) Walker III-20th

SB 345 – Standards, Labeling, and Adulteration of Food; nonprofit organizations to prepare in accordance with Department of Public Health requirements; provide (H&HS-Reeves-34th) Kirkpatrick-32nd

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