Beskin Responds to Beskin v. Raffensperger Ruling

Beth Beskin, a candidate for the Supreme Court of Georgia against incumbent Justice Charlie Bethel, issued a statement today in response to yesterday’s ruling on Beskin v. Raffensperger. The court ruled 6-2 that an election of a Justice to the Supreme Court of Georgia could be nullified by an appointment by the Governor of Georgia.

Beskin’s statement:

“While I am gratified that the Court agreed with me today on several significant legal points, I disagree with the Supreme Court’s conclusion that the Governor can nullify the election of a Justice to the Supreme Court of Georgia by appointment. The decision of the Supreme Court creates the real possibility that the people of Georgia could be robbed of their constitutionally protected right to elect their justices.

Under this ruling, I could win my election on June 9th, and that result could be completely erased if Justice Bethel chooses to resign and allow Governor Kemp to appoint his successor.

The vote of the people of Georgia should never be ignored or set aside. Such a result does not reflect the constitutional democracy we thought we had here in Georgia. Frankly, it is embarrassing.

Nonetheless, this breathtaking ruling only reaffirms my decision to seek election to the Supreme Court of Georgia. It is time for common sense to be returned to our appellate courts and it is time that our courts respected the rights of Georgians to elect their judges.

I am on the ballot June 9th challenging incumbent Justice Charlie Bethel, who was appointed to the Court in 2018. Does he support this decision of the Court? Or does he support the constitutional right of the people of Georgia to elect their judges?

I call on Justice Bethel to state publicly his position on the Beskin v. Raffensperger case. Does he concur or dissent?

I call on Justice Bethel to pledge he will not resign his seat but will complete his term should I win my election on June 9th.

The people of Georgia deserve answers. Their right to vote is on the line.”


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