Morning Reads for National Laundry Day (April 15)

I’ll bet you thought I was going to showcase Tax Day, didn’t you? I was going to go ahead and file my taxes today anyway, but I am waiting for my stimulus check in order to not go into savings for the amount Intuit charges for filing my return.

Anyway, it is National Laundry Day, and the good folks over at Cotton Inc. have a write up about it on their Lifestyle Monitor blog. (Yeah, that’s really the name of the blog…) Apparently, the average American does about four loads of laundry a week, and if you separate like your mama taught you, it should be four loads. Who are these barbarians doing one load a week?!

I’ll try not to think about that too hard and instead move on to the news:

Pat Conroy

  • 23 Georgians have died due to COVID-19 since yesterday at noon.
  • Floyd Medical Center is part of a Mayo Clinic study to test survivor plasma on COVID-19 patients.
  • The Georgia Department of Labor reports that it is weeks behind in processing unemployment claims.
  • The University System of Georgia is estimating a $350 million loss from COVID-19.
  • Reality Winner has asked Judge Randy Hall of Augusta for compassionate release due to her history of respiratory illnesses.

Alice Walker

  • Yesterday was the highest number of reported deaths in the United States from COVID-19.
  • President Trump has halted payments to the World Health Organization due to its handling of COVID-19.
  • Printed stimulus checks may be delayed due to President Trump’s insistence that his name be on them.
  • President Trump has finally realized that governors are responsible for making decisions about their states “reopening.” However, the CDC and FEMA have created a plan for getting Americans out of their houses and back to work.
  • March brought a record plunge in retail sales, down 8.7% from February, but this doesn’t show the full picture, given that most businesses that have closed didn’t do so until mid- to late-March or April.
  • Three California churches have sued Governor Gavin Newsome over his order banning gatherings.

Flannery O’Connor

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
1 month ago

Trump’s restricting travel from China in late January was a good decision. Some combination of Chinese incompetence, misinformation and coverup are largely responsible for the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO was much too accepting and deferential to the Chinese, and bears some responsibility. (The Trump administration’s evisceration of the State department was one of its earliest accomplishments. It’s go it alone and stepping away from world leadership created a vacuum the Chinese have been and are taking advantage of.) Trump is withholding $500 million in WHO funding while his administration investigates, yet he did nothing when the US intelligence… Read more »

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