Cowan, GOP Candidate for GA-14, Releases First TV Ad

Dr. John Cowan, a Republican candidate for Congress from GA-14, has released his first TV ad today that is airing on the Fox News Channel across the district.

A press release accompanying the ad states:

“Dr. John Cowan, a Rome neurosurgeon and Trump Republican, could answer the call to give Washington politicians brain transplants or stiffer spines.

But the answer is a lot more simple than surgery, Cowan says in his first TV ad of his campaign for the 14th Congressional District seat: We need congressmen with the common sense and backbone to stand with President Trump.

“I’m John Cowan. I operate on brain and backs,” he says from a medical facility where he works. “Helping President Trump defend our God-given rights is NOT brain surgery. But deranged Democrats and weak Republicans just don’t get it.

“I can’t give them brain transplants or stiffer spines, but I’ll help President Trump build that wall, protect our values and stop Nancy Pelosi from ever getting her hands on this [AR-15].”

The scene ends with Cowan blowing up a COVID-19 model.”

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