Morning Reads for National Empanada Day (April 8)

Good morning, and welcome back to my recognition of goofy and lighthearted holidays! I’ve been way too serious of late. It’s a little more difficult than most April 8ths to get your hands on empanadas today, so perhaps it’s time for a new challenge in the kitchen?

I consider myself a pretty good cook, but I’ve never in my life attempted to make empanadas. The Spruce Eats assures us it’s easy, so if you try it, post about your experience below!

It’s also Passover, so I would like to wish a kosher and joyous Passover to our readers who celebrate. And now the news:

Pat Conroy

  • Governor Kemp is expected to extend his emergency powers without approval from the Georgia General Assembly because they can’t convene due to self-quarantines.
  • A lot has been said about the stress on rural hospitals during this pandemic, but how are coroners handling the increased caseload?
  • Georgia food banks have increased requests at the same time they’re allowed fewer volunteers.
  • The backlash over opening Georgia’s beaches has gone national.
  • The current model projections predict 3,400 deaths from COVID-19 in Georgia by August with a peak coming on April 21st.
  • In-person voting for the May 19th primary is looking like a big problem.
    • AHEM: Here is your reminder to fill out the form to request an absentee ballot!

Alice Walker

Flannery O’Connor

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1 month ago

The virus has claimed perceptive and humane songwriter John Prine. I’m not usually affected by celebrity deaths but this is a damn shame.

1 month ago

Lester Maddox is the most entertaining elected official ever elected.

1 month ago

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