5:00 Kemp Press Conference, Possible Atlanta Shelter-in-Place Order

As we all continue to be glued to our news feeds, it becomes more challenging to even attempt staying on top of the latest Covid-19 news.

Gov. Kemp will address the state at 5:00. Also at that time, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms might issue a shelter-in-place order for the City of Atlanta. I guess the real news here is Mayor Bottoms saying Grady is in a “compromised state.”

Which is terrifying.

I know no one is reading GeorgiaPol in general, or me in particular, for some form of reassurance but I still wish I could find some immediate optimism.

There’s plenty of failures to go around to all layers of government (and more than enough teeth-gnashing elsewhere). If you ask me, America’s response is an indictment on virtually every elected official. Candidly our citizen reaction has been appalling, too. Hopefully soon we’ll all realize this isn’t a joke and stay home.

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