Morning Reads – Thursday, March 12, 2020

Have you tried perusing the interwebs for news that isn’t Coronavirus related? It’s no easy feat. But here’s a little bit:


Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

You can’t make this 5h!+ up

“Trump’s Style of Leadership is a Plus in This Kind of Crisis”

was the subject line and subject of yesterday morning’s WH e-mail to Trumpsters

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

On (I think) crossover day….From Bill Torp’s AJC column on the gun “Brandish Bill” that the GOP unanimously voted out of Senate Committee: “The bill is being touted as a way to let Good Guys With Guns avoid felony charges when they feel the need to ease a tense situation by displaying their firepower.” The column quoted J. Tom Morgan as saying “The way I read it, if you’re in a disagreement, you can now pull a gun out. As soon as you pull it out of your holster, you’ve escalated. The good guy pulls out his gun, the other… Read more »


Sounds like, in the middle of any such encounters, that there will be plenty of time for folks to think, and be thoughtful about their options.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

On Athens-Clarke County being ordered to pay $2,500 to cover investigative costs in connection with changing to paper ballots…….

So how much did Raffensperger charge Kemp for investigation of the Democratic Party of Georgia hack only days before the 2018 election of the SoS voter database administered by Kemp. No doubt it was a crack investigative, and it took 15 months (results being made public less than 10 days ago), so it must have been a pretty penny.–regional-govt–politics/case-closed-evidence-hacking-alleged-georgia-gov-kemp/JeTYlcx3I3Ssb4CiVtdgaO/


i didn’t see it listed in the article, but even though pop has said the are no longer planning to air season 2 of florida girls…production is moving ahead with hopes of it getting picked up (probably by a streaming service) somewhere else…


I found some news for springtime:
“Cambridgeshire, England- Wisbech Street Pride volunteer Alan Wheeldon said 20,000 mixed bulbs were planted last year on Octavia Way in the Cambridgeshire town.
On Tuesday he discovered the daffodil blooms has been picked “on an industrial scale”.
“The walk should be a blaze of colour for all to enjoy,” he said. The theft has been reported to the police.”