Morning Reads for Tuesday, March 10

Good morning! Here’s the latest Quinnipiac Poll on the Democratic Presidential Primary. More reads below the graphic:

FTLOG, please wash your hands, people.
  • Payroll tax cuts are one way Trump hopes to calm unsteady markets.
  • The existential dilemma we face each day in the General Assembly: What is a nut, even?
  • The House version of the FY 2021 budget has half of Kemp’s requested teacher pay raise, but all of many House Republican’s desired tax cut.
  • All Coca-Cola employees will work remotely today.
  • Even if you didn’t pay the Bloomberg campaign much notice, chances are there’s a teen or tween in your life who can tell you every plank of the former candidate’s platform. Here’s what one influencer shared about his time with the campaign.
  • Sometimes, all our thoughts are misgivings, and sometimes the Court of Appeals sides – again – with Led Zeppelin.
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3 months ago

What a year so far in Georgia.
Interesting times- remember to exercise and meditate to help with stress.
Peanuts can’t but pecan

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
3 months ago

ON payroll tax cuts, 02″ of Austin Powers video:

Not a fan of payroll tax cuts. Payroll taxes largely fund insurance. Changing the programs they support from insurance toward welfare will undermine support for them over the long term. But that perhaps is an objective.

3 months ago

This is a delightful article, about one of my internet hobbies … debunking quotes. It is written with a civilized grace that is missing in the nonstop screaming match online.
There is one problem. @spectator does not link to their sources. The link is a terrific internet invention. It is like a double click footnote. Someone should tell @spectator about it.

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