Will Trump Visit Atlanta Today? Tomorrow? Who Knows.

He was coming to Atlanta. Then he wasn’t. Now he might. That’s the latest 12 hours in the life of the Tumultuous Trump Presidency.

The AJC quotes Trump saying “I may be going” to the CDC. This after it was reported the notoriously germaphobic POTUS had canceled his visit.

State and federal officials were scrambling to figure out if that meant he would arrive in Atlanta on Friday, or whether it meant he would come at a later date. Several state officials said they were still expecting him to arrive.

Good thing presidential visits are easy to coordinate with little to no disruption to citizens.

Originally President Trump was scheduled to land at 3:00 PM but let’s be honest; not even Trump knows what he’s going to decide.

Snip-snap-snip-snap. You have no idea the physical toll three schedule updates has on a person.

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