Doug Collins for Director of National Intelligence? Nope

President Trump is making some news this evening.

President Trump tells White House travel pool on Air Force One he is considering Rep Doug Collins for Director of National Intelligence.— Steve Holland (@steveholland1) February 21, 2020

The President has made earlier remarks that indicated he would like to avoid a November showdown between Congressman Collins and Senator Loeffler. This would create a path to avoid that. No word yet if it is one that interests Congressman Collins.

UPDATE: Congressman Collins has popped this trial balloon, telling Fox this morning it is not a job he would accept:

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Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
4 months ago

It’s not in the interest of a 51 year old career politician to accept an appointment for what may well be only a 11 month stint, especially since Georgia incumbency is pretty much a ticket to indefinite office occupancy.

Besides, it’s one thing to protect and praise Trump to continue to qualify for office, but quite another to work for the POtuS.

The problem for Trump in finding a place for Loeffler costs the cult $20 million in campaign financing.

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