How To Explain This Rep. Trey Kelley Story

11Alive’s investigative news show “The Reveal” ran a story that, if true, is incredibly disturbing for Rep. Trey Kelley and Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome.

The condensed story: a reported friend of Rep. Kelley, Ralph “Ryan” Dover, hit a bicyclist in Cedartown who eventually died. Rather than call 911, Dover called Kelley. He too failed to call 911 instead calling Chief Newsome. OK, that’s going to get emergency services moving, right? No because Chief Newsome also didn’t call 911. Instead he told the on-duty Sheriff to call him back. At home.

So there’s been three calls while the cyclist, Eric Keais remains dying in a ditch.

In the words of Polk County Coroner Tony Brazier:

“The best-case scenario, let’s say, ‘OK, [Dover] told [Representative Kelley] I hit a dog or a deer.’ Are you going to drive a mile away and call a lawyer? No.”


“If Polk 911 had gotten this call like it should have gotten…this boy might still be alive today. This mess here stinks to the high heavens. This reeks of the good ole boy.”

I hope all of this turns out to be a giant misunderstanding because if it’s true….


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