Two Republicans Enter GA-9 Race

State Senator John Wilkinson and State Rep. Kevin Tanner, both Republicans, have entered the GA-9 congressional race. Rep. Doug Collins has announced his intentions to run for United States Senate and will not be seeking re-election in GA-9.


Senator Wilkinson, who was elected to the State Senate in a special election in 2011 and has been re-elected to 4 additional terms, was raised on a small farm in Stephens County. Working with projects in 4H and FFA, he learned the value of hard work, cooperation, and responsibility at an early age. Those values have stayed with him during his career in agriculture, education and politics. He has not missed a day of work during his 8 years of service in the Senate.

“This is a critical time for our country, and we need an experienced, conservative voice willing to stand up for the values that residents of North Georgia hold dear”, said Wilkinson. “For the past eight years in Atlanta, I have fought to eliminate useless red tape and regulation of business, defended the sanctity of all life, and fought for our constitutional rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. I look forward to continuing that fight in Washington.”


Today, conservative small businessman, poultry farmer, and State Representative Kevin Tanner announced that he would run for U.S. Congress, District 9. Current Congressman Doug Collins has announced his intention to run for U.S. Senate.

“I am announcing my campaign for Congress because there is too much at stake in our country to sit on the sidelines. With the attempts to overthrow an election through this impeachment nonsense, socialists running for President, a resistance to support President Trump in building the wall, and Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Squad trying to destroy our values, we need a strong, effective and trusted conservative in Congress. I am ready to continue our district’s 27 year history of having conservative leadership in Congress. I am ready for the fight to stop the radical left and work alongside President Trump to protect the conservative values that make North Georgia and all of America great.

I’m not a politician – I am a public servant. From serving on the frontlines in law enforcement to being a bold defender of our values in the State House, I have a long history of fighting for North Georgia.
Unlike a lot of the career politicians in Washington, I am not in it for
titles, perks or accolades. In the State House, I have focused on listening to the people and leading to deliver results on the issues that matter. I have supported tax cuts and balanced budgets, championed religious freedom, passed education and public safety reforms, protected the 2nd Amendment, and supported strong and historic pro-life legislation like the Heartbeat Bill. I have shown that you can be unapologetically conservative and get things done. That’s exactly what I will do in Congress.”

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