Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 7

Good morning! Have you read Charlie’s Session 2020 preview yet? Because…

Back benchers in the Republican party who are free of the burdens of governing or math will likely grandstand on platitudes and purity tests.  This will please hyper-partisans that call themselves the “base” and keyboard warriors in the comment section, but will please members of the minority party more.

…is one of many delightful paragraphs.

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5 months ago

Is this really a good deal? Taxpayers bill 19.7 Million. That works out to be 1000 jobs at a taxpayer cost of S197,000 per job for 1 year, OR $19,100 per job for 10 years. The salary expected to be paid is around $32,500 per year so at 19.7 million that works out to be taxpayer paid salaries for 1000 jobs for just over 6 years. The one item the article did not share was how long the tax incentives for Amazon last. Is it 1 year, 10 years or permanent? If they hit 1000 jobs some of those workers… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  Teri

I hear you but I always thought spinoff business was hard to quantify. Example Amazon will be using lots of boxes will they buy from a local vendor or simply have them shipped in or a combination of both? Obviously there will be some benefit but will it even out the taxpayers investment? Somewhere I’m sure a study has already answered the question.

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