Jason Thompson Seeking Re-Election as RNC Committeeman

Current RNC Committeeman Jason Thompson has officially announced today that he is seeking re-election to represent the Georgia Republican Party on the Republican National Committee.

Jason has done a tremendous job in travelling across Georgia and sharing what is happening at both the National and State levels in the Republican Party. I served with Jason as a District Chairman and I have endorsed him fully in this race.

“I am very excited to announce that I will be seeking reelection as Republican National Committeeman for Georgia.

When I was elected to the position, I promised to go anywhere I was asked and I have kept my promise having traveled the entire state.

I will continue to work hard as Georgia’s grassroots National Committeeman, representing Georgia Republicans at the RNC and making sure they have the detailed communication and dedicated representation they deserve.

I know that the success of Georgia is extremely important to the success of the Republican Party nationwide. I will be dedicated to the reelection of President Donald Trump and our entire Republican ticket. 2020 is a crucial year and Georgia Republicans are prepared to work hard to ensure victory for our candidates”, Thompson stated.

Thompson serves as the Permanent Rules Committee Chairman for the Georgia Republican Party and spearheads the Georgia Republican Election Law Team. Dedicated to outreach and engagement, in September he emceed the largest Trump Victory & RNC Asian Pacific American Community Engagement and TVLI Training in the country.

Thompson is an attorney and lives in Suwanee with his wife Julianne, and their two children – Tori and Hayden.

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