Stacey Evans Announces Run for House District 57

“Being in the fight matters.”

That’s one of several factors that motivated former Representative and House Democratic Caucus Chair (as well as my immediate predecessor) Stacey Evans to announce her candidacy for House District 57, which is an open seat following Pat Gardner’s retirement announcement last week.

Her announcement is to the point:

As a mother of two, I cannot be idle as Republicans in our state treat women’s rights as a political football and refuse to act as our children are gunned down at school. As a lawyer, a progressive, and person of faith, I can’t sit quietly as those same Republicans block access to health care for thousands of Georgians and try to strip away our fellow citizens’ equal protections under the guise of so called “religious freedom” legislation. And as a former legislator who knows how to get things done in this climate, I am ready to put my experience to work for this district.

Evans told the AJC that preserving and bolstering the HOPE scholarship will always be a key priority, and emphasized that she learned quite a bit from her 2018 statewide gubernatorial campaign. Sharing a sentiment that we can expect to see echoed frequently as we approach the 2020 General Assembly elections, Evans continued that when she was making her decision about whether to run for the open seat, “the heartbeat bill was the No. 1 factor. That was the worst thing that’s happened under the Gold Dome since I left.”

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