Future U.S. Sen. Loeffler’s Election Website Goes Live

Shortly after she was announced as Georgia’s next United States Senator, Kelly Loeffler’s website has gone live at http://www.kellyforsenate.com/

Future Senator Loeffler addressed some concerns that others have raised about her appointment on her site (emphasis is mine):

“Kelly Loeffler is a conservative businesswoman and political outsider appointed by Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp to replace Johnny Isakson in the United States Senate.

A lifelong Republican and strong supporter of President Trump, Loeffler will work with like-minded conservatives in the U.S. Senate to expose the radical left, end the impeachment circus in Washington, and put Congress back to work for the American people.

Loeffler will protect our God-given 2nd Amendment rights, strengthen our military, fund the completion of President Trump’s border wall, and stand up for our conservative values.

A devout Christian, Loeffler is unapologetically pro-life and backs Governor Kemp’s “heartbeat bill”, which was signed earlier this year. She will champion life – from conception to natural death – and stand firm against the left’s abortion on-demand agenda. In the Senate, Kelly will strongly support S. 160, Senator Lindsey Graham’s 20 week abortion ban and proudly back President Trump’s conservative judges.”

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