Governor Kemp Sets Deadline To Apply For U.S. Senate

The time to apply to become a United States Senator is coming to a close. Governor Kemp’s office sent out the following notice this morning:

Atlanta, GA – Today Governor Brian P. Kemp announced that all qualified Georgians who want to serve in the U.S. Senate must submit their application online by Monday, November 18 at 5 PM.

“I am encouraging all Georgians who want to serve in the U.S. Senate to submit their name and qualifications by Monday, November 18,” said Governor Kemp. “We will continue to carefully vet each applicant and nominate a person who will best serve our state and country.”

The Governor’s Office will release additional information at the appropriate time.

The hopes and dreams of Paul Broun and others are about to be redirected back to, while one Georgian is about to simultaneously become a United States Senator while donning a target on his/her back as Democrats from across the country aim at taking both of Georgia’s Senate seats just under a year from now. Who that is remains perhaps the biggest single decision Governor Kemp will make during his first term as Governor.

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