President Carter Earns Top Award From Georgia Conservancy

The Georgia Conservancy paid tribute to one of it’s charter members. That man is President Jimmy Carter who received The Distinguished Conservationist award.

At the November 7 ecoBenefête event, President Carter was lauded for his “profound and lasting impact on the conservation and protection of Georgia’s natural resources.”

Carter was unable to attend the event but said in his acceptance:

“My thoughts on conservation are grounded in a lifelong love of the natural wonders of Georgia and our responsibility to pass on the land, water, and forests in a better condition than we inherited them. Growing up on a farm, I understood the protection of the earth was the individuals’ responsibility and that we must carefully manage and enhance nature rather than degrade it. I am proud to have had the opportunity to share these ideals with the Georgia Conservancy.”

Today President Carter earned another accolade: setting the record as the oldest living former President. (A record we hope he breaks tomorrow and the day after….)

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