Morning Reads for Monday, November 11, 2019

Today is Veterans Day. I do believe we live in the greatest nation in the world and I believe that a huge part of that is the citizens who live here who choose to serve so selflessly. I am proud of our family’s history of service and to have grown up in Fort Benning’s backyard, surrounded by others who understand and share the pride of the men and women who choose to defend our freedoms as their life’s calling. We thank you for your service and for your family’s sacrifice.

If you’ll allow me a point of personal privilege, listed below are the members of our family who have served and who are currently serving our nation in the United States Armed Forces:

Alto Cobb– Died in France in WW1, Robert E. Yarbrough – Died in France WW1, Jerry Clark Yarbrough – U.S. Navy – WW2 (witnessed the Japanese surrender to the American troops aboard the U.S.S. South Dakota), Rudolpho Garcia – U.S. Army – Vietnam, James Garcia – U.S. Army – Vietnam, Paul Garcia – U.S. Army, Alcus Robertson – U.S. Army – Vietnam, Houston Cobb – U.S. Army, Hearmon Cobb, Sr. – U.S. Army, Hearmon Cobb, Jr. – U.S. Navy, John Hughes – U.S. Army, Buddy Cobb – U.S. Army, Bobby Ray Robertson – U.S. Army, Robert Haynes – U.S. Airforce, Paul Haynes – U.S. Army (Vietnam), Nathan Oakley Osborne – U.S. Army, Sarah Osborne – U.S. Airforce, Benjamin Burdette – U.S. Airforce Reserves

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There are two soldiers mentioned in this Veteran’s Day post. One is U.S. army private Henry Gunther, who died at 10:59 am, November 11, 1918. The second is my great grandfather, Hugh Pharr Quin, CSA. He served with the Georgia State Troops, in the War Between the States.