Morning Reads For Wednesday, November 6th

Good morning.

Some election results:

As of 10pm the Ethics referendum in DeKalb was losing almost 2 to 1. George told us why that’s a good thing yesterday. All DeKalb results are here.

David Pennington returns as Mayor of Dalton, 5 years after primarying Nathan Deal for Governor.

As of 10pm, it looks like a runoff for Savannah Mayor, with Chatham passing a SPLOST and a freeport tax exemption. Results here.

In Cobb County, replacing Mayor of Smyrna Max Bacon will be decided in a runoff between Derek Norton and Ryan Campbell. Of note, unofficial results show incumbent councilwoman Andrea Bluestein lost her seat by exactly two votes. “Every vote counts” indeed. All Cobb results here.

In Coweta County, Seniors exempted themselves from School taxes, rejected a SPLOST, and in Lewis Grizzard’s hometown of Moreland, liquor by the drink passed 37-26.

Other Georgia News:

Atlanta has a statue of Evander Holyfield….somewhere.

Apparently Atlanta lost the Giant Peach too?

This makes me wonder if they’ll lose the Coca Cola sign, as well.

While GDOT is exploring spending up to $16 Billion for a train, Delta is using something called “modern air travel” to link more parts of the state, more frequently.

Want to see some real politics in action? The GHSA just realigned/reclassified a number of schools.

National News

Kentucky appears to have elected a Democrat for it’s Governor’s mansion. While I’m sure some will devote a thinkpiece or three about how this means Trump is toxic in the suburbs, note that all other Statewide offices were retained by Republicans with a pickup of the Attorney General’s seat. It’s probably best not to read too much into a race where the Senate Majority Leader has a longstanding, ongoing feud with his own Governor of the same party and, well, that Governor just wasn’t well liked. BUT if you still must think this is some seismic event, also please consider that no Republican Governor has ever been re-elected in Kentucky.

Republicans retained the Governor’s mansion in Mississippi. And the sun rises in the East.

Democrats did succeed in taking control of Virginia’s legislature. Ralph Northam is still their governor. Justin Fairfax is still the Lt Gov, and is suing CBS.

Other Items That Interested Me:

Losing Starz on Comcast? The DOJ is asking some questions.

That new Kia they’re building down in West Point is getting excellent reviews. A sign that customers approve is that most are selling fully loaded.

Porch, bringing Nashville Hot Chicken to Georgia’s Golden Isles. St Simons Island, GA

And, as I try to share with you a restaurant or two from time to time, I say ignore the Popeyes’ second try to make a first impression on their chicken sandwich. Nashville Hot fried chicken is the current buzz, and one of the better places to try this dish with a Georgia take on it is in St. Simons Island. Next time you make it down, try Porch. Crisp golden chicken that is spicy but doesn’t try too hard. Good to excellent sides. Priced right. Friendly service. Feels like home – if your grandma was half old south, half cajun.


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