Bipartisan Resolution Marking 40th Anniversary of Iran Hostage Crisis

Senators Johnny Isakson, Richard Blumenthal and Patrick Lahey introduced a resolution marking the 40th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis. The resolution was introduced on October 31 ahead of the 40th anniversary on November 4.

The resolution (PDF) is currently in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Isakson said in a press release on Monday:

“The victims of the Iran hostage crisis were treated brutally, and their suffering and sacrifice should be remembered. Similarly, this resolution and our continued efforts on behalf of the victims are an important statement that once an American serves our country, we will be there for you no matter how long it takes to secure justice. On the anniversary of their capture, we pay tribute to these brave Americans who were held hostage in Iran during service to the United States.”

Not mentioned by Isakson: the Iran Hostage Crisis was also the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Despite the ignominious end to the Carter administration, he is still our favorite President from Georgia (and not by default).

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6 months ago

My elementary school librarian’s husband was one of the hostages. If I remember correctly I think the whole school tied yellow ribbons around a tree next to our houses. My mom taught at the School and they were pretty close.

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