Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 22

Good morning!

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alright maybe i’m a simpleton, but if we could refloat sunken battleships in pearl harbor and actually use them in the war, why can’t the golden ray be uprighted and towed back into port and dealt with there?


It is my understand it has to do with the unstableness of the load. If they move the ship upright the load of cars will shift along with it, and in all likelihood cause the ship to continue under momentum to keep moving and likely tip onto it’s other side. They also lost the weight of the fuel which lowers it center of gravity.


I loved the Walmart link. Just figured out Walmart in Tennessee will deliver on the North End of Dade County. No more Sunday Beer runs to Tennessee. Gig economy vs. Blue laws. Too bad I live on the South end. There has been some discussion for putting Sunday Sales on the ballot. I know Tennessee sells on Sunday and I think Ft. Payne, Al to the south does so we are just loosing all that revenue.