Morning Reads for Tuesday, October 15

Good morning! If you haven’t had a moment to read Holly’s piece on knowledge and learning (and book burning) in Georgia, that should be your first stop.

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Will Durant
Will Durant

My greatest misunderstanding of our court system is when we get rulings that seem to be unconstitutional to a layman but are based upon precedent. A wrong is a wrong is a wrong. The State should not be favoring any political factions or in our case deeming special status on two of them. I would like to see the Libertarian Party go after the State (read taxpayer-funded) primary system. Yeah, they are quasi included with a children’s table ballot but how do you make the selection of a party’s candidate for office constitutional? Especially at the taxpayer’s expense.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

We may soon see whether a ruling based on the right to privacy, followed by many other precedent-setting rulings such as Lawrence v. Texas, was wrong.

Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear

RE: The invasive northern snakehead fish. The DNR needs to rethink it’s strategy about this fish. 1). It needs a new name. The name alone makes you want to get a rowboat oar and start hunting. Instead, perhaps something like the Southern Yummytrout or such. 2). Certain parties need to be advised that there is a bag limit of 8 for the yummytrout. 3). The yummytrout is currently out of season. 4). The yummytrout tastes good in gumbo. And, as an added benefit, the really successful nimrods out there are given the home addresses of the people who turned these… Read more »