Morning Reads for Friday, October 11, 2019

  • LawDawgs! (And GSU, too.) 
  • Let the chill bumps commence.
  • Always wondered what was under the hat.
  • “As illiterates…” applies more and more these days.   
  • Like that one? Here’s another shot of VDH. 
  • Can humans regrow cartilage?  Inquiring shoulders want to know.
  • Every Californian pays the price of their lovely state lacking basic forestry skills.  
  • Honestly, Comey spied on everyone.  Including my dog. 
  • Double-top-secret helicopters for chasing aliens. Or something. 
  • So the real question is – did it have an Early Bronze Age Studio 54?
  • Of course, Calvin is always right. 

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