Georgia Capitol Damaged In Overnight Break In

Details at this point are scarce, but it appears someone broke into the Georgia Capitol last night and did “a lot of damage”. Officials are still trying to put together exactly what happened. A motive is not yet known, but reports/rumors are that a suspect is in custody and possibly hospitalized.

This is posted primarily as a PSA to check with whomever you may be scheduled to meet with if heading to the Capitol today. I’m not yet able to confirm if the building will be open to the public this morning or today. It appears the building is open, save the Capitol Ave entrance. We will update with additional details as available.

Update 1: The following was sent to Capitol employees and legislators this morning:

Sometime last night an incident occurred at the State Capitol where it appears an unknown individual gained access to the building and damaged property in multiple locations.

If your office is in the Capitol, please exercise caution as you enter the building as broken glass and other hazards may exist. If your office was damaged, please make a full report of any damage to the Speaker’s Office as soon as practical. If, for any reason, you feel it is unsafe to work in your office, please also let us know. Do not enter or remain in any office or room which you feel is unsafe.

We do not have any official details yet from authorities on what took place but will work the applicable state agencies to ensure a thorough investigation.

Thank you for your service and patience as we work through this unusual circumstance.

Update 2:

Also, it appears the building is open today, but the Capitol Avenue entrance is closed (as that appears to be where the break in occurred.

Other pics from the Capitol of damage:


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