Republicans Respond To Democratic-Led Formal Impeachment Inquiry

The circus has come to town. Okay, the circus has been in town, but it’s about to get bigger. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this afternoon that the House will proceed in a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s actions.

Speaker Pelosi has been very reserved in pursuing impeachment since Democrats gained the majority after last year’s elections, but whispers of impeachment has grown ever since a whistleblower complaint alleging that President Trump pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

Now, I’m not an attorney nor do I claim to be an expert, but I believe the process will begin with a formal inquiry (we are here right now) to investigate if the President of the United States committed any high crimes or misdemeanors. Even if the US Congress believes that the President has and adopts articles of impeachment that are sent over to the Senate, the Constitution requires two-thirds of US Senators to vote in favor of conviction after holding a trial. Just as a reminder, Republicans still hold a majority in the Senate.

We are starting to get some response to Speaker Pelosi’s announcement. US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a brief response to the formal impeachment inquiry:

Back here in Georgia, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston issued this statement:

“Just when you think they can go no lower, Washington Democrats have proven us wrong. No plan to grow jobs, no plan to allow hard-working Americans to keep more of their money and no plan to keep us safe, but wasted energy on an impeachment process that is going nowhere in a hurry. President Trump’s record of creating jobs, growing our economy, cutting taxes, and making sure America stands strong in the world is beyond dispute. Also beyond dispute is the obsessive hatred of Washington Democrats.”

And Congressman Tom Graves’ (R-GA-14) office issued this statement:

“Based on a report they have never seen, about a conversation they never heard, from a person they have never met, the Speaker and her following have decided to drag our country into a mess. The consequences will be severe. Our legislative process will grind to a halt and economic progress will be put at risk. Instead of tackling issues like immigration, infrastructure and trade, our country will be stuck in the grip of leftist hysteria once again. The reckless pursuit of impeachment simply hurts our country and nobody wins.”

You can expect more reaction as Republicans begin to circle the wagons. Did Democrats double-down on a nothing-burger, or will there be substance? Only time will tell. Grab your popcorn.


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