Speaker Ralston to Run for Re-Election

Speaker David Ralston took to Facebook this morning to publicly announce his re-election campaign for 2020. Speaker Ralston has served in the Georgia House since January 13, 2003 and Speaker of the House since January 11, 2010.

From Ralston’s Facebook page:

“Working together, we have achieved so much to keep Georgia winning: fully funding public education, cutting Georgia’s income tax for the first time in history, strengthening our Second Amendment rights, protecting the unborn, and ensuring quicker, easier adoptions. We’ve also kept Georgia the #1 state for business while achieving record-low unemployment.

But there’s much work left to do. We’ve got to continue our focus on encouraging job growth in rural Georgia. We’ve got to continue to support and lift up our education system. We’ve got to reduce maternal mortality and improve healthcare for mothers, infants and children.

That’s why I was excited in Blue Ridge on Tuesday night to announce that I will qualify for re-election as State Representative for the 7th House District next year! I want to thank the tremendous crowd who came to show their support including many House members — some who traveled hundreds of miles to join us.

We’ve come too far to turn back. We’ve moved Georgia forward and made our state the envy of the nation.

With your help and support, we will keep Georgia on the right path and keep making the future brighter for our children and grandchildren. I thank you for your support and your prayers, and look forward to continuing to represent you in the Georgia House of Representatives.”

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