Morning Reads for Wednesday, September 18

A stray thought from my week in New York — a reason that “socialism” is growing in popularity among urban progressive millennials is proximity to the extremely, blessedly wealthy, something that’s hard to avoid in the most fashionable cities and hard to find almost anywhere else.


There Be Dragons

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8 months ago

I don’t understand your remark on Luxembourg. Who do you see as their sovereign protector, Johnson or the UK?

As for the hecklers, they were UK citizens concerned about how their future chances to live, work and travel will change in a world where UK lurches out of the EU without agreements. Their concerns are understandable.

imo Johnson missed a great opportunity to show he can take the heat. Margaret Thatcher wouldn’t have turn and run when faced with a small if noisy group of demonstrators.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
8 months ago

Pompeo and MBS, who sanctioned the murder of Khashoggi in Turkey, are supposed to make statements to the media on the attack on the Saudi oil facility later today.

Will Pompeo be under oath? He’s a member of the Trump cult that have “no obligation to be honest to the media”. But on the other hand, being under oath would mean Pompeo would say hardly anything..

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