Sarah Riggs Amico Calls for Kavanaugh Impeachment

We finally have a bold move in the 2020 Senate race. Sarah Riggs Amico who is challenging Perdue/Possibly the Other Republican said she thinks SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached.

Riggs Amico made the announcement following a New York Times report expanding the morass around Kavanaugh, his time as a student at Yale and his spectacle of a confirmation.

Her release is below.

Sarah Riggs Amico, Democratic Senate candidate in Georgia, called for the impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh after the newest allegations outlined by the New York Times. New York Times reporters spent months thoroughly investigating Deborah Ramirez’s allegation against Kavanaugh and found that her story could be fully corroborated. Those reporters also investigated another case of sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh that we have now found out was reported by Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but was not followed up on. These accusations against Kavanaugh were not thoroughly investigated at the time of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

“I will never be silent when it comes to fighting for what’s right. That’s why I’m offering my unwavering support to those who are coming forward and joining others calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment because this is no time for half measures, especially when it comes to our values,” said Amico. “It is clear that Senate Republicans, including Senator David Perdue, put partisan politics ahead of good judgment by confirming Kavanaugh without a thorough investigation.”

Amico becomes the first and only Senate candidate in Georgia to call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.


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