NRCC: “McBath Jumps on Impeachment Train”

The NRCC sent out a notice today stating that “Lucy McBath just voted with the socialist Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee to launch a formal impeachment investigation.” They state that she is not listening to her constituents, citing a NRCC poll showing that 60% of voters in GA-6 are against impeaching President Trump. 56% of those polled identified as independent voters also were against impeachment.

NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo:

“Lucy McBath showed she’d rather appease the Trump-hating extremists in her party than listen to Georgians. She will pay dearly for this decision at the ballot box.”


Former Congressman Karen Handel issued the following statement:

“For months now, Lucy McBath has refused to tell us where she stands on impeachment. This morning’s vote confirms she would rather stand with the radical House Democrats to impeach the President than get back to work for the people of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.”


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