Four GA GOP Congressional Candidates Added to NRCC’s Young Guns Program

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has added four Republicans from Georgia running for Congress to the “On the Radar” list for its Young Guns program. The four candidates are former Rep. Karen Handel (GA-6), Ben Bullock (GA-7), Lynne Homrich (GA-7), and GA Sen. Renee Unterman (GA-7).

The Young Guns program “mentors and supports candidates in races across the country and works to provide them with the necessary tools to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.”

The fact that three candidates on the list are from GA-7 demonstrates that this program is not exclusive to just one candidate in each District in the Republican primary. A candidate that makes the list shows that they are meeting certain milestones and criteria set up by the NRCC.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy:

“It’s clear the 2020 election will be a choice between two futures: a future of more freedom or government control. The new socialist Democrats are embracing policies that are in direct conflict with the needs and priorities of the American people: more taxes, more spending, more government, and less freedom. Simply put, this is theft.

In stark contrast, Americans’ priorities are Republican priorities. This is why we are recruiting the best to compete in 2020 and I am proud to welcome each of these candidates to the Young Guns program. I remain focused on ensuring they have the resources they need to win, and I look forward to seeing them on the campaign trail over the next 14 months.”

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10 months ago

I know they’re trying to boost potential winners but except for Bullock, young guns is an odd label to use for that group.

Since Joe Profit didn’t make the list I guess they give him no chance.

Will Durant
Will Durant
10 months ago

CD 7 is going to be an uphill slog given that an incumbent R barely squeaked through in the last one. And yes, given this criteria it appears I could also qualify as a “young gun”.

10 months ago

Socialism! Theft! More fear!

Smells like desperation.

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